Friday, September 7, 2012

A brief history of The Black Orc Bock Bashers

Here is a bit of the history of the Orc Team, The Black Orc Bock Bashers, that I am taking to the Chaos Cup, the US Blood Bowl Major.

Everyone knows the dark tale of Josef Bugman and his Brewery. Bugman was a master dwarf brewer who was world renowned for his famous beers, known as Bugman’s XXXXXX. One night, returning from a trading trip in the Empire, he found his brewery ablaze, attacked by a raiding party of Goblins lead by the Goblin Warboss Git Guzzler who destroyed the brewery, killed his kin and stole his brew. Legends (spread by Dwarfs) say that Bugman hunted down and recovered every cask of the XXXXXX. Not so! One cask remained in greenskin hands. After many bloody changing of hands, it fell into the possession of the Orc Great Shaman Shiznit. Shiznit was able through long study, prayers to Mork and random combination of ingredients to unlock the secrets of beer making. Once he had the secret, Shiznit built a fortified lair and laboratory, improving on the dwarven recipes with “eksperry-ments” of his own...the Black Orc Brewery was born! *

Eventually Black Orc Bob and his band of goons got a taste of Black Orc Bock and the Blood bowl world has never been the same. The effects that Black Orc Bock has on Greenskins is exceptionally suited for the Blood Bowl pitch. It appears to make them more aggressive and impervious to pain while whipping them into a wild frenzy, which is saying something for the Greenskins! In order to promote his Black Orc Bock "Speshul Brews" Shiznit now sponsors the Black Orc Bock Bashers Blood Bowl team coached by the infamous Black Orc Bob the BSB. The Bashers have quickly earned a reputation as one of the most out of control and violent teams in the Old World making them a fan favorite. From time to time Shiznit himself will attend a match and serve as the teams Apothecary especially for the more important and well promoted matches. Shiznit, his Black Orc Bock "Speshul Brews" and the Basher have become a force to be reckoned with in the Old World

*Blatantly plagiarized from the Alamo IGT website The idea comes from special army that you can take to The Alamo IGT, a Warhammer Fantasy tournament in San Antonio TX. If you bring this Greenskin list properly converted you drink on the organizers tab for the weekend, which I have done the last several years…..

Thursday, September 6, 2012

ABBL Weekly Update 9/5/12

Matt's Bad Habits - PE vs. Nathan's Army - HE

Well Blood Bowl fans if there was ever an example of how not to coach a second half with a 2-1 lead this game was it. The Pro Elf coach who was down 3 players at start of the second half appeared to be over aggressive and verge of panic. He left only one player deep to make the throw and sent all the catchers long. Unfortunately he failed a dodge and gave up and easy score when ball scattered free and there was no cover at all for the ball. And they he did it again and then again! Yielding 3 second half scores to the Army High Elves. Nuffle was not with the Pro Elves as they double failed skills and GFIs, as well as many Double Skulls throughout the second half. Both Bad Habits Journeymen were badly hurt, one from a trip and the Bad Habits Passer spent 4 kickoff in the KO box. This coupled with the fact that Nuns had no casualties, 1 KO and very few stuns.

TD: 2 – 4
CAS: 0 - 1 (BH on Journeyman, +1 BH from trip on Journeymen)

Overall I made some really stupid knee jerk mistakes that cost me dearly and when combined with some rotten luck it just made it that much worse. On a high note a Blitzer rolled doubles and takes Guard! Also I fired #13 who was double Niggled and coming back on the roster again, fearing she would get the next couple of MVPs for sure. I'd rather play with 2 Journeymen. 

In other news

With only 9 days until the Chaos Cup I was rather disappointed in my coaching of this game but hopefully it will serve as a reminder of what happens when a coach gets over aggressive.  I am furiously painting my team for the Chaos Cup, The Black Orc Bock Brewers (Orcs), my entry for the Nurgle King Legacy Team, a Cheerleader, and my display board. Hopefully I'll get it all done by next Thurs night!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Opening Kick Off

Hello and thanks for checking out my Blood Bowl blog!

I love playing Blood Bowl. I been playing since around 2002ish just about every week. Currently I play tabletop in the ABBL (Austin Blood Bowl League) weekly at a local store in Austin, TX called Dragons Lair. I also occasionally play the Cyanide and FUMBBL computer games where you can find me as either NuffleHateMe or WildManTX.

I have quite an extensive collections teams models (Mostly in some unpainted state) including every current GW team except Amazons, most GW Star Players and several alternative team like the Shadowforge Nuns, Bunnies, and Female Elves. I have a few converted teams like Lizardmen and Orcs (Currently on the paint table) from GW WFB models and even one Necro team made from the old Mage Knight pre-painted minis (The MK All Stars).

I wanted a place to document my league team fluff and game summaries. Also it will serve as a place to document my conversion and painting projects. Finally I'm heading to the Chaos Cup, the USA Blood Bowl Major, in Chicago in a few weeks and wanted to document my preparations, my actual results and any other shenanigans that happen on the trip. I may also occasionally go off track into other topics like Warhammer Fantasy or other games I might be playing at the time.

Lastly I want to thank my wife for "understanding" (by that I mean barely tolerating) my hobbies which include taking over a room in our house, weekend trips to tournaments and conventions, my "purchases", and my general insanity!

- Matt