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Orclahoma Bowl II and Spiky Cup 2013 - Match reports

Orclahoma Bowl II and Spiky Cup 2013 - Match reports

Orclahoma Bowl II 2013 - Match Report

This is a great tournament run by the Both Down Podcast and hosted by Wizards Asylum in Norman OK just off the University of OK campus. Myself and Kent from the ABBL drove up from Austin, TX for the weekend for the tournaments. Orclahoma Bowl is a one day, 4 games (with Spiky Cup day 2) tournament. Here are some of the highlights of the rules:

1.1 million build including Skills and MV or AV stats
Special rules for taking Green Star Players
Custom Weather Table (which Nuffle punished me excessively with)

NOTE: Every game I played involved POURING RAIN for some or all of the game

My Team - Block Orc Bock Bashers - Orc
1 x Passer – Leader
4 x Blitzers (2xGuard, 2xTackle)
4 x BOBs (2xBlock, 1xStand Firm)
2 x LineOrcs
2 x RRs
1 x FF

Game 1
Dave Harland - beauxeifs - (Tulsa, OK) Sotek's Cuss Word - Lizardmen 1-1 (0-0) Draw
I sure couldn't hurt skinks at all or pick up the ball in the POURING RAIN to put game away, had 1-0 lead at half, but 2x Tackle was very handy. Dave won the Best Offence and also Best Defense for Spiky Cup. His team had some really paint and was wonderfully converted from WFB Temple Guard and Skinks, well done!

5 x Saurus (1xLeader, 2xGuard, 2xBlock)
6 x Skins (1xSure hands, 2xSure Feet, 2xDiving Tackle)
2 x RR

Game 2
Torin Read - slidedog - (Denver, CO) Sisters of No Mercy - Humans Win 2-0 (4-1)
I was able to separate and take out the Sister and played up many players most of the game, again 2 x Tackle very handy. Team was beautiful, with awesome Ogre Nun conversion. Had him down to 3 players to get the tabled bonus! 2x Tackle was very handy again. Torin had two beautifully painted team, one for each day and won Best Appearance for each day

4 x Linemen (1xKick)
1 Thrower
2 x Catchers (2xBlock)
3 x Blitzers (2xDodge)
1 x Ogre
3 x RR
1 x FF

Game 3
Mark Teich - rabbi420 (Dallas) Scourge of the Normans - Undead - Draw 1-1 (0-1)
Very frustrating game, I was up 1-0 at half after scoring a Defensive TD. had 2 o 3 opportunities to put the game away on a fast break but could not handle the picks or hand offs in the rain (Still a 75% chance). the nail in the coffin was missing a VERY EASY crowd surf play (35/36 to succeed) to get a pick up for the win (Kent all but smacked my head trying to get me to see it). instead I rolled a 1 Die lock that only caused me a problem with a skull and of course I skulled, no more RRs. Had I won I would have been in the championship game! I felt he slowed played the last 2 turns a bit taking over 12 of the last 15 minutes to take them. When you are taking a long time to think about moving Mummies more than 15 squares away from the ball that is 4 squares from the end zone on turn 8 in the 2nd half with less than 5 min to go and you're not blitzing or marking, I get a bit concerned.... 2x Tackle was very handy again. Mark won the 2nd Place Cup and the Spiky Cup "Stunty Cup"

2 x Mummy (1xBlock, 1xGuard)
2 x Wight (1xStrip Ball, 1xTackle)
2 x Ghoul (1xKickoff Return, 1xDiving Catch)
2 x Skeletons (1xLeader, 1xKick)
3 x Zombies (1xWrestle)
2 x RR

Game 4
Brad Wales - Temujin71 (Houston, TX and an X-ABBL'er) Rebel Undead - Undead Loss 0-1 (3-0 maybe?)
Great game but my heart wasn't in it after missing that easy play and I was pretty much out of running for anything at the point as I had fallen too much to realistically get 3rd. Had several opportunities to score but again the freaking rain killed me and couldn't pick up or hand off the ball to score. Probably could have easily tied or won as was in control much of the game if not for the RAIN!. 2x Tackle was very handy again. Brad won Best Defense, also Most Brutal for Spiky Cup

2 x Mummy (2xBlock)
2 x Wight (2xGuard)
2 x Ghoul (1xSure Hands)
2 x Skeletons
3 x Zombies (2xWrestle, 1xLeader)
2 x RR
1 x Cheerleader

Wrap up for Orclahoma Bowl 2013

I finished 8th of 14 coaches with 1W/2D/1L. All in all a good day against some great coaches, but I was really disappointed to miss a shot at the championship game, but I had my shots and I was in every game, so I can't complain at all. Also those of us who stayed late Saturday night got interviewed for the next Both Down podcast recorded before a live audience! If you are a Both Down fan or just looking for a good laugh this is one episode to make sure you listen too.

Spiky Cup 2013 - Match Reports

The Spiky Cup had all kinds of screwy rules, like custom weather and kick off tables, special players, free bribes etc, but all were intended for maximum hilarity and carnage, which is exactly what ensued. Some highlights of the rules:

1.2 million build plus a skill pack of 6x Double or 3x Standard skills
4 Pts each bonus Cas caused by Block, Foul, Weapon or Crowd Surf
2 Pts each bonus KO caused by Block, Foul, Weapon or Crowd Surf
Each team had to take one "Not So Secret Weapon", I took an Orc Linemen with Chainsaw
Also each team was given 1 free Bribe

My Team - Block Orc Bock Bashers - Orc
1 x Passer (Strong Arm)
4 x Blitzers (2xDodge, 2xJump Up)
3 x BOBs
3 x Line Orcs (1xChainsaw)
1 x Goblin
1 x Troll (Block)
1 x Ugroth Bolgrot
1 x Free Bribe

Game 1
Kent Raffray - KRaff (Austin, TX and my trip roommate and ABBL'er) Dirty Looks - Goblins W 1 - 0 (4 Cas and 5 KOs)
This was, in all honesty, the closest game I had all day. With 2 Trolls, 3 Fanatics and 2 Pogos, Kent came packing for bear. I tried to mash his Fanatics the best I could and got them off the pitch a bunch of times but they just kept coming back. Kent gave me no choice but to blitz the ball on the sidelines and he was able to crowd surf out 2 of my players. Mounting possibly one of my most creative goal line defenses ever and I was able to equalize the player numbers and keep him out of the end zone the whole first half, but I was really pressed hard. The second half I caged up the best I could with whirling death everywhere on the pitch and the 2 Trolls but I pulled out the miracle play, IN THE RAIN AGAIN, where I picked up, passed, caught and broke away with my goblin. Kent tried to blitz me but Scrappa (MY OWN SCRAPPA MODEL) failed a Dodge and I was able to score. I was aided by a kick off result to seal the victory that allowed us to each sneak a 12th player on the pitch but Kent had no reserves. The Kick off table was hysterical for this tournament. Kent won Best Sportsman for Orclahoma Bowl the day before

2 x trolls
8 x Goblins (1xTackle, 1xGuard, 1xLeader, 1xFanatic)
1 x Pogo
1 x Scrappa Sorehead
1 x Fanatic
1 x Fungus the Loon
3 x RR
1 x FF
3 x Bribes, including the Free one

Game 2
Michael Lewis - Duncanfsiidaho -(Tulsa) Arundel Archers - Elf - W 2-0 (7 Cas, 6 KOs)
From the get go I had the upper hand and I never let up. The hits just kept coming and coming and with 7 players on the pitch for most of the match the Pro Elves uses the mantra "Never give up , Never surrender!. Heavily out manned he was able to 2 turn score to start the second half after I failed a go for it with Bolgrot (not your most reliable safety!) After that I had him down to 3 or less players for much of the rest of the game. To his credit when I offered to quit hitting him if he ran away, to end the game faster, he kept attempting to Blitz and Foul me in order to salvage any point from the game. Also in Michael's defense had he not had 5+ "1 re-roll 1's" on dodges, especially early, it might have gone much differently. During the course of the game we each gained 2 Piling On Players and 1 Spiky Brand Steel Toed Boots to a player that added +2 to Armor Rolls for the game. Michael won Best Offense.

2 x Passer

4 x Linemen (4x Guard)
2 x Blitzers (2xGrab)
4 x Catchers (1x Hooligan (Dirty Player, Sneaky Git, Stab))

Game 3 - Top Table
Scott Delsigne - fatfinley - Morg'N'Town Mawlers - Ogre W 2 - 0 (5 Cas, 5 KOs)
This was a bit of a grudge match as FatFinley handed me my only loss at Chaos Cup, plus we had been talking trash all weekend! We also got t play on a 40mm board that was "Ogre Sized" Right off the bat things were looking grim for the Ogres when on turn one the Fanatic took out them self on a failed block where he rolled 5x Both Down and 1 skull and was casualtied from the game. Then on my first hit I took out the lone no Block Ogre. Of course the FREAKING RAIN once again didn't help matters for either team but Fat Finley fearlessly fought on against an increasing lack of players on the pitch. The final dagger was when the weather changed from Rain to Sweltering Heat and Very Sunny. The second kick off with this affect saw 2 Ogres fail to come back and left him with only three Ogres and a few snotlings. It was great to finally scratch FatFinley's name out of the book of grudges as we are not 1 win each in tournament play. Scott also won the Del Zine Cup for 3rd place.

5 x Ogres (4x Block, and 1xLeader and 1xShure Hands on the Block Ogres)
7 x Snotling (1xFanatic)
1 x Brick Farth and Grotty

Final Totals
TD 5-1
Casualties 16 and gave up only 2
KO's 16 not sure how many I gave up but it was a fair amount
MVP - "Buzzcut" my no so secret weapon LineOrc with 5 casualties. A close second was my Block Troll "Big Un" who had 4 Casualties, all legit!

The wrap up:

The Black Orc Bock Bashers are the Spiky Cup 2013 Champions having mashed all opponents into a bloody pulp and scoring a few TDs along the way. Lots of luck and hot dice on my part were mostly to due to the run. Luckily all of my opponents were fun and stayed upbeat even in the face of a beat down. This win also help make me sleep better at night after Nuffle decided I wasn't worthy yet for a shot at the Orclahoma Bowl championship game. I can't complain because I had a shot to win or tie every game I was in including a shot at the tile game. All told I think my 7 opponents all won at least one award and combined for a total of 11 awards over both days, so I was truly playing in some rarefied air with some great coaches, sportsmen and hobbyists! In 4 tournaments now my Bashers are 8W/6D/2L, picking up 2 championships, so not too bad of a run for my first year of tournament play.

If the good Lord and Nuffle are willing, I'll be sure to return next year to defend my Spiky Cup Championship!

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